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Try to get rid of all your cards before the computer does. Drag one card at a time from your hand at the bottom of the screen to one of the two discard piles in the middle of the screen. The value of the card you drag must be one greater or one less than the card you drop it on. The cards’ suits do no matter.

You hold five cards in your hand at a time. Once you get rid of a card you must click your “next card” pile to the left of your hand. if the computer gets stuck, the “flip it” card will appear. Click it to put new cards on the two discard piles. Remember the name of the game is “Speed” so move quickly.

Speed – hier klikken

Five Cards Deluxe

Play one of the four modes to find your favorite and you can even save your game at any time. Earn wild cards in “Joker’s Wild” or compare you scores with others from around the world in “Tournament” mode. Can you score enough points to advance to the next level?


  • Four different game modes including “Joker’s Wild”
  • Play against the clock or without a timer–your choice!
  • Choose your favorite music while you’re playing
  • Save your game and resume later!

Five Cards Deluxe – hier klikken

Crazy Coins

Click the coins to complete matching rows or columns. Multiple coins can be moved at the same time.

Match 3 rows or colums to advance to the next level.

Match a row or column of the current “New Coin” for bonus points! (After Level 1)

Avoid the junk in the coin machine.

Crazy Coins – hier klikken

Digby’s Donuts

Catch, stack and drop colorful donuts to form matches and combos while avoiding blunders.

Travel to 20 different cities across more than 80 levels. Unique bonus rounds, original music and delicious donuts add to the fun!

Digby’s Donuts – hier klikken

Gold Miner Classic

Use your claw and reel to mine gold and other treasures out of the earth. Your claw will swing back and forth. Press the down arrow to lower it. Heavy objects like rocks and large pieces of gold will be harder to reel up. Grab bags contain random money, a strength power-up or a stick of dynamite.

If you buy dynamite you can throw it at the object your claw is holding. This will destory the object and anything really close to it and send your claw back up to your miner as fast as lightning.

Collect the target amount of money by the end of the level. If you don’t meet your goal by the of the level, it’s game over. Your money carries over from one level to the next.

If you accidentally blow up everything on a level or you just feel like moving on, you can press the “End Level” button. However, if you haven’t mined enough gold, the game will end.

Gold Miner Classic – hier klikken

Flip Words

Click on the red letters to link them into words. Letters must be touching and words must be at least 3 letters long. Click the Submit Word button (or click the last letter in your word twice) to submit the word.

The first letter of valid words will be used to reveal letters in the hidden phrase at the top of the screen. If you reveal enough letters to recognize the phrase, click the Guess Phrase button. You must guess the phrase before you run out of turns.

Flip Words – hier klikken

Hang Stan Trivia

Try to solve the word puzzle in the pig’s mud pit. Click on the letters below to guess that letter. If you guess four letters that are not in the word puzzle, Stan will get hung!

Hang Stan Trivia – hier klikken

Lucky Streak Poker

Get on a Lucky Streak by getting three or more “Lucky Cards” and you’ll be drawing great poker hands! Keep your eye on the Luckometer and try to make the most of your streak! Jazzy graphics, Vegas-style music and low system requirements mean Lucky Streak Poker runs great on virtually any computer!


  • Casino style five card draw video poker
  • Vegas style music, lights and sounds
  • Lucky streaks, Lucky Cards and the Luckometer
  • Gameplay statistics and internet leader board

Lucky Streak Poker – hier klikken

Master Qwan’s Mahjongg

The goal is to clear the board by removing the tiles. You must remove the tiles in pairs. For a tile to be selected it must not have a tile on top, and it must have a space open on the right or to the left of it.

The four season tiles will match even though they are not identical. The four flower tiles also match even though they are not identical.

For each matching pair you get 50 points plus a time bonus. The faster you match a pair, the bigger the bonus. The time bonus can be a maximum of 60. You get 5000 points for clearing the board.

Press ‘P’ to Pause the game.

Master Qwan’s Mahjongg – hier klikken